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Integrated Services

Every day, new media channels are being created to get news, opinions, and headlines in front of a more discerning, strategic, and segmented audience. News on demand, 140-character Tweets and mobile technology have changed the way we communicate. As consumer choice grows, it becomes critical to find the right audience willing to receive your messages and become part of your community.


Every organization has multiple audiences they want to engage.  The Goodwin Co. is adept and experienced at educating and engaging consumers, donors, legislators, residents, business owners, volunteers and other groups within the larger community to act in your favor.

The Goodwin Co. - Peggy K. Goodwin is public relations expert in Detroit, Michigan adept at Crisis communications, marketing and fund development.

How you react in the first few minutes of a crisis will determine the future of your company’s reputation to customers, employees, and stakeholders. Are you ready to handle the pressure of an unexpected event interrupting the way you do business? Poorly handled crisis damage personal and professional reputations, end careers and destroy companies, yet people rarely think about a crisis until faced with one.


If you are spending time and money planning a corporate or nonprofit event, you want the best return on that investment. Do people eagerly anticipate seeing you every year or mark it down as just another obligation on their “to-do” list? Make your event stand out among the competition through planning, preparation and publicity.


Media Training, critical in today’s media-centric environment, helps you develop and deliver clear, concise messages in high pressure situations. As the number of communication channels increase, so does the need to constantly adapt and refine your messages for those specialized audiences. Are you ready for your close-up?


Our extensive experience in the non-profit sector benefits our cause-oriented clients in need of donors, sponsors, foundation and government grants.  We have developed annual campaigns for educational institutions, collaborated on government grants and designed sponsorship programs for events of every size. From arts to gun violence prevention and mental health and wellness to poverty alleviation and community development, we are ready to help you meet your fundraising goals.


Writing and designing engaging content across platforms is our forte.  Engaging your audiences isn't as simple as hashtag #followme but it isn't dependent upon hundreds of thousands of followers either.  We will customize your content to reach various audiences and encourage them to act in your favor.  Compelling content requires storytelling.  Today's savvy consumers and donors require the genuine touch.